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There is no doubt that immigration is an inevitable phenomenon. While there are several reasons for immigration, seeking better opportunities is the major driving force behind the increased immigration of large number of people to developed nations, such as Canada. Even Canada welcomes these immigrants as they add to the workforce and the development of the nation. But, one must note that this process is guided by some rules and laws that every immigrant is expected to comply with. Canada has very complicated immigration rules for visas and this is where immigration consultants come into picture to help you through the process. Let us look at the reasons why immigration consultant is important.


1) Saves you from misrepresentation


Immigrating is an important process that requires the completion of massive amount of paperwork and other formalities. Therefore, it may become difficult for an ordinary person to understand and deal with these procedures. A simple error on the immigration forms or misrepresentation immigration Canada may culminate in the rejection of the entire application and even in the issuance of a removal order against you. This is why it is important to hire Immigration Consultants. They are licensed to help people with immigration procedures and requirements. To avoid misrepresentation, it is advisable to hire qualified consultants to facilitate a quick and smooth immigration process.


2) Knowledgeable and experienced


People migrate for different reasons, and so the immigration regulations may vary for different cases. Immigration consultants specialize in these specifics and possess a clear and relevant knowledge about the different procedures involved in the immigration process of their clients. The professional will make sure that there is no or minimum possibility of omissions or mistakes in the entire process, thereby hastening the processing of paperwork.


3) Follows professional ethics


Since 2004, immigration consultants are required to complete an accreditation program before they are authorized to help people with the immigration process. The accreditation program provides them with important information about Canadian immigration laws and proper application procedures. Once a firm has met the requirements of the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC), they join the Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants (RCIC). And remember all accredited consultants are required to adhere to certain codes of conduct and professional ethics. Any member that violates these regulations will be subjugated to face the ICCRC disciplinary committee.


4) Professional Information sharing


Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants have an information-sharing network. There are some information that are only delivered to the members only and not the general public. These could be new developments in the Canadian immigration field as well as interpretations of how to comply with certain regulations. This information-sharing network will help them deal with even the most complex immigration cases.


5) Act as a correspondent between you and the government


Many immigrants often have difficulties in communicating in English. The consultant will act as the correspondent between such clients and the government so that their needs are understood and met. When there is any delay in processing your application, you simply call the consultant saving you the trouble of going to the immigration offices. From the aforementioned points, you can now understand why it is important to seek the services of top Canada immigration consultants.

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