Visitor Visa (Temporary Residence Visa)


A Temporary Residence Visa (TRV) is a document issued by a visa office to a foreign national, which determines that they have met the requirements to enter Canada for a temporary stay.  Some of the requirements to keep in mind when applying for a TRV to Canada include:

  • Valid travel document (i.e. Passport)
  • Good health (some countries may require medical examination)
  • Enough money to cover the stay in Canada
  • Ties in home country (i.e. job, family, property, assets)
  • Intention to leave Canada at the end of visit

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Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA)

The electronic travel authorization, or eTA, is an online pre-screening of people from more than 50 countries who can travel to Canada by air without a visa. You will need to obtain an eTA before coming to Canada.


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