Many societies around the world stigmatize people with the same sexual attraction, otherwise known as the LGBT community. In Canada, this was the case until 1969 when the government passed the omnibus law that led to the decriminalization of sexual acts between two people of the same gender. This was seen as a breakthrough in treating lesbians, gays, bisexuals, and transsexuals as equals under the law. Ten years after the law was passed, Quebec became the first Canadian jurisdiction to prohibit sexual orientation as a ground for discrimination when they amended their human rights charter.

How to Migrate to Canada as an LGBT Member

If you have a well-founded fear of abuse from your mother country based on your homosexuality, then you can seek asylum in Canada. When seeking for refugee status in the country, however, you must be able to prove that you belong to the LGBT community. You do not necessarily have to “come out” as gay or a lesbian in your home country and perhaps you have not undergone persecution already.
The Canadian law states that all Canada LGBT refugees must be able to provide evidence of their sexual orientation and gender before they can be offered protection. The evidence can come in the form of a police report, medical reports, or personal letters from friends and family verifying their sexuality. You are only given 15 days to provide this evidence, which might call for the assistance of a legal representative who understands the rights of refugees and LGBTs.

LGBT Rights in Canada

Canada has some of the best LGBT laws in the world. In fact, on July 2005, Canada became the first country outside Europe to legalize same-sex marriage and the fourth in the world to do so. A same-sex couple is also allowed to adopt kids by the law. Discrimination based on sexuality is banned in employment, housing, and in public and private accommodations.
Similarly, transgender people are allowed to change their legal gender throughout the country but with varying rules. The only discriminatory right in the country is the age consent whereby anal sex for both homosexual and heterosexual is 18 years while oral sex and vaginal sex is at 16 years.

Pride Month Canada

The entire month of June every year is dedicated an LGBT pride month in Canada. On this day, the country shows its stance against violence and discrimination especially on instances that target the LGBT community. During this time, people can promote their self-affirmation, dignity, equal rights, and increase their visibility as a social group, celebrate their gender variance and sexual diversity as well as build a community. Pride acts as the predominant outlook for bolstering the LGBT movements from around the world.

Due to her strong laws that protect people of the same sexual orientation, Canada has emerged as one of the world’s most gay-friendly country. In fact, Canada’s largest cities including Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, and Ottawa have their own gay villages. That is wonderful, is it not? Start your journey to Canada today if you are facing discrimination in your home country due to your sexual orientation.

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