Permanent Residence Card/ Renewals


If you travel outside of Canada, the Permanent Resident card (PR card) is the verification that you are a Permanent Resident of Canada. If you are returning to Canada from abroad on an airplane, boat, train or a bus, you must have a valid PR card with you to seek re-entry. PR cards are valid for five (5) years, and must be renewed on the basis of having met the residency obligations .

If you have resided outside of Canada for a long period of time and are attempting to enter Canada without having met the residency obligations required to renew your PR card, you may be refused entry at the Canadian border.

Residency Obligations

In order to be eligible for the renewal of the PR Card, Permanent Residents of Canada must reside in Canada for 730 days with respect to every 5-year period through any of the following:

  • Being physically present in Canada
  • Accompanying abroad a parent, spouse or common-law partner who is a Canadian Citizen
  • Being employed aboard by a Canadian business or government service

Some points to consider:

  • PR cards will not be issued outside of Canada
  • PRs outside of Canada without a valid PR card may be issued a temporary travel document to enter Canada (PRTD)


If your PR card is about to expire and you wish to travel abroad, contact us today to renew your PR card.

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