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It’s impossible to deny that computers have become a central part of our lives in 2017. With technology playing such a huge role in society, there’s an ever-increasing need for trained professionals to maintain that technology. The field of Information Technology is booming all around the world, but the Canadian industry has a particularly high demand. The Information and Communications Technology Council estimates that the country will have a need for 182,000 new IT workers by 2019. With that amount of demand concentrated into just a few short years, there’s never been a better time to immigrate to Canada as an IT professional.

Immigration can be a tough process, but due to the critical need for IT workers in many provinces, that process is being expedited. Through the Express Entry-aligned Provincial Nominee Program, provinces are courting industry professionals from around the world to meet this huge demand. The Federal government is also offering the opportunity to get valuable experience in Canadian companies that will assist with the immigration process.

This report provides an Industry report for how IT professionals have benefited from Canadian immigration over the past 12 months.


About Express Entry and Provincial Nomination

When you apply for express entry, your profile is ranked against competitors using a comprehensive ranking system. The best candidates are invited to apply to IT positions in Canada, and immigration process is streamlined.

Your standing in the Express Entry system can be greatly improved if you receive a provincial nomination. The process for receiving that nomination varies from province to province, and looking into the location you’re specifically interested in moving to will give you more detailed information to assist in the process.

For an example of the nomination process, we’ll use Ontario’s situation from this past year.


Ontario Provincial Nominations

Ontario is a particularly popular province for new residents, and usually only selects new workers using a Human Capital Priorities (HCP) stream from eligible workers in the Express Entry Pool.

On June 28, the Ontario government announced that while workers generally need a comprehensive score of at least 400 to immigrate to the province for work, it was being lowered below 400 for a variety of IT professionals that fit one of a variety of job title specifications.

The field of lower requirements called for professionals in industries related to computers and technology - in some cases only tangentially related to IT.

From Electrical Engineers and Programmers to Graphic Designers and Illustrators, there is a long list of professions with lowered requirements to encourage more workers to apply.

Though there’s no guarantee that Ontario will prioritize hiring IT workers in its HCP stream again, there’s some data to show that the demand for workers has not been met. The Information and Technology Communications Technology Council report mentioned at the beginning of this article suggests that the need for ICT talent amounts to 52,700 in the greater Toronto area, over 9,700 in Ottawa-Gatineau, over 3,800 in the Kitchener-Cambridge- Waterloo region, and over 9,900 in rest of Ontario.

While it’s in no way a guarantee that IT workers will again be prioritized, it’s clear that there’s an unmet demand. It’s very likely that immigration to Canada for IT work will be easier than ever before.


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