Document Review Service


We understand that some people prefer to complete their immigration or visa application on their own and do not require legal representation.  Nevertheless, it is always safer to have a professional review of the materials and a second set of eyes to ensure an application meets the requirements necessary for smooth processing.

If you wish to complete and submit your own application, and would like a legal expert to go over your application with you to ensure it is polished and ready for submission, then contact us today to get started. Email us at or call us at 416-450-1700 to set up an appointment for document review service by a legal professional.  


*Please note that if you choose to use our Application/Document review services, we are not your legal representatives. We do not guarantee the outcome of any immigration or visa related matters, and cannot be held liable for any inconsistencies or misinformation submitted to the government on your own. As immigration law changes frequently, you will need to consider the service that we provide will only be valid at that time period. We will not be responsible for eligibility changes due to subsequent changes to the laws and legislations.