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Moving into a new country can be stressing and demanding especially for someone with little knowledge on the legal processes involved especially after encountering a problem during immigration. In Canada, detention and immigration review is one of the biggest challenge any immigrant or citizen can encounter and if not handled by experienced experts, this might result in deportation and other consequences that might inconvenience any wishing to become a permanent or temporary resident of Canada. To ease the immigration process and ensure a smooth transition during detention, Touchdown Canada Immigration has dedicated it's wide expertise in assisting people with complex or minor residence problems and immigration procedures.


Touchdown Canada Immigration is an immigration-consulting firm located in Toronto, Canada with a unique team of skilled Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants with the expertise you need to navigate all the curves immigration might throw your way.


When an individual is detained, the next step is appearing before the Immigration Division (ID) of the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada (IRB). The most important stage of the process is the first detention review, where our organization makes it a mission to get the detainee released, because once detention is over, other immigration needs can be resolved with ease.



Once the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) agency detains an individual, that person should not panic, because there are numerous reasons why someone could be detained. The detention review occurs in the next 48 hours to determine whether the detainee should be held any longer. The charges could range from being inadmissible to Canada due to previous engagements in crime, being a danger to the public or any other suspicions that the agency might have, etc.


The detain someone is necessary security precaution and with the our expertise

representation the precaution is ironed out with minimal efforts before the complexity of the process forces the detainee to spend any more time in detention.


With proper representation and well laid plans, the Minister's counsel for the CBSA tasked with hearing the review orders the release of the detainee, which is what Touchdown Immigration Canada team of experts has perfected. With our strategic approach to complex immigration needs and expertise in responding to the demands of the CBSA officers, we prepare you for the future reviews and use every opportunity provided by the laws and the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (IRPA) to petition for a release from detention. We understand the process, have a unique fact collection method to provide the necessary information required in the following reviews and how to present to them to the Immigration Division (ID) for a positive outcome.



In CBSA holding?

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