Canadian Experience Class (CEC)


The Canadian Experience Class is a permanent resident application category, accessible via Express Entry, for candidates who have skilled work experience in Canada. This program accommodates temporary foreign workers and foreign graduates who have gained Canadian skilled work experience.

Some of the main requirements for a qualified candidate are:

  • 12 months of full-time or equivalent paid skilled work experience within 3 years of applying, in an occupation category that falls within the Canadian National Occupation Classification (NOC) 0 (managerial positions), A (professional positions), or B (technical and skilled trade positions).
  • The work experience must have been gained in Canada with the proper authorization to work.
  • Language skills, at a minimum level of Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) 7 for NOC 0, A and CLB of 5 for NOC B.

Self-employed work or work experience gained while a student will not generally count towards work experience under the CEC category. Work experience gained while being a refugee claimant cannot count the work experience under this category.


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